About Us

About Us

The Southside Church of Christ was started as a vision in 1958 by the Elders and C.W. Brannam, minister at the 7th and Clevland church in Hopkinsville KY. They had the idea of establishing a congregation somewhere in south Hopkinsville because the city seemed to be growing in this direction. In order to realize their goal, the 7th and Cleveland church allow the Southside church to take 5 of its current Deacons to become our charter elders.

They were: Marvin Baucom, George Drury, Frankie Gates, David Lee King, Frances Swain, and C.W. Batey, who came from the Little River church. In giving us these men, they gave us a large part of those whoul would have become elders at 7th and Cleveland one day. They gave us their future leaders!

A red brick building was finished in 1960 for a cost of approximately $175,000 that featured a 5250-square-foot auditorium with a capacity of 660 persons. A nursery above the vestibule, two offices, a large meeting room, and 16 classrooms were also a part of this original building.

Later in the early 1970s, an Education building was built across the street (Givens Drive) that expanded our number of classrooms and gave us a larger fellowship area and kitchen in the basement. Soon our office staff moved into some of these rooms, we established a church library and a youth classroom for our teens. This building has helped us expand and develop other ministries and activities for the community and our members. We have used this space to host Vacation Bible School, Camp Can Do, a Food Pantry, and many other fellowship activities through the years. This building has also served as a voting location during local elections.

We recently completed the construction of a Family Life Center in the parking lot behind our Education building that allows us to host many recreational activities and other large group events like receptions, banquets, and lock-ins.

At Southside Church of Christ, we are a family of God’s children, doing our best to spread the Good News of the Gospel. You will find a warm, welcoming place to worship God in spirit and in truth. We would love to have you stop by and visit with us anytime. And, if you are looking for a church home, we would welcome you to become a part of our “family.”